Pure palomino identical colt foals

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Identical SPSBS registered pure palomino miniature shetland colt foals from Birling breeding. CREMELLO sire Gaterley Creme de la Creme, dams Veradar Golden Amber and Veradar Golden Flora. Grand sires, Gaterley Golden Fleece and Glenhurst Golden Mandarin, from Birling Kora, Birling Golden Cloud, Birling Gold Crest, Birling Gold Dust, Both foals ready to go when 6 months old, end October and end December. All parents and other relatives can be seen. Older foal is weaned, comes to call, stands to have headcollar on and to be groomed etc., walks nicely on a lead. The younger foal will be similarly trained when ready to go. Both carry the cremello gene. Beautiful full, golden coats, large brown eyes and beautiful heads, with sweet gentle temperaments, typically Birling. £400.each. Deposit secures.

Sire Gaterley Creme de la Creme
Dam Veradar Amber/Flora
Sex Colt
Age Range less than 1 year old
SPSBS Registered Yes